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Simplified Electrified

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

– Leonardo da Vinci

Enabling Your Vision

Creating solutions that enable your vision means leading the discovery of needs, aligning and converging various engineering disciplines to deliver complete solutions.


Our suite of HMI and machine control applications can significantly reduce your development costs and quickly get you to market.  The technology building blocks can be combined and tailored to suit your specific needs.


Mechatronics Solutions Provider

GHSP eControls brings your vision to life, from concept through production. We focus on mechatronic solutions for the Premium Appliance, Commercial, and non-automotive transport markets with complementary mechatronic expertise in machine control, human machine interface and connectivity solutions.


GHSP eControls is a mechatronics solutions provider integrating applications across engineering disciplines of hardware, software, mechanical and industrial engineering. GHSP has a global engineering and manufacturing footprint optimized to meet your needs.


Experts in applying technology, complex final assemblies, and designing user interfaces with simple intuitive interaction. Industry recognized for intuitive ease of use applications.


GHSP eControls leads the process of discovering needs, aligning technology and  delivering the complete control solution for the Premium Appliance market and adjacent markets where the HMI is prominent in the application.

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